Friday, October 9, 2009

Test Shoot: Guy Bubb & Louise Fuller

My second test shoot was a whole lot easier than the first. Debbie had set me up with a young photographer, Guy Bubb and a make-up artist represented by Storm, Louise Fuller. Guy and Louise were both chilled, easy-going personalities who knew just how to put me at ease and so they helped me get my first good shots!

We shot at Guy's flat, a sun-drenched apartment in a funky old seventies block on Green Point's Main Road. It was spacious, comfortable and the natural light was beautiful.
Once again, we were working without a stylist (what did Storm have against stylists at the time?), but since Debbie had asked for some pictures showing my body, my limited selection of bikini's was enough for us to work with. I've mentioned before how I was new to bikini-wearing, so even though Guy was very professional and respectful, it was still a huge challenge for me to pose around in front of a man, wearing nothing but my swimwear.

Louise had given me an amazing hairdo, using sections alternately styled with crimping and curling irons, turning my fine head of hair into a luscious bushy mess! This, together with some super natural but shimmery make-up, was glamorous enough to make me feel a little bit like someone else. Maybe even a real model?

I remember Guy showing me how to lean into the wall, making it look oddly natural for a person to be wilting into a wall, but when i tried to copy the pose, it didn't have quite the same effect.

We changed outfits and they posed me on Guy's colourful couch. He told me to just be chilling, reading magazines. So that's exactly what I did. Except, it looks all fake and uncomfortable? Guess I still had a lot to learn!

For the last shot Guy wanted me to do something spontaneous, get a bit of energy and laughter going. He told me to throw a magazine at him. I laughed and refused, what if I broke his camera? The agency loved this shot, I hated it. Debbie asked: "Why do you hate it? That's what you look like?" I was insulted. I thought my top lip looked too thin, my nose too long and my ear protruded too much. Sigh... the follies of youth. I realised about eight years ago that it was actually a great picture, and it stayed in my book for a very long time!


miss moose said...

I think the first 2 photos look really model-ly, you did the wilting thing well! My fave is definitely the last one though :)

As an aside, my hair is v.fine, I wish I knew how to style my hair like that.. sadly, Im completely hopeless at wielding any hair-styling instrument.

Marie said...

I love the last photo too. You do look natural and happy. Far more comfortable. But the rest are pretty amazing too. I know I couldn't do anything like that for sure!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

the last photo is fabulous and so natural. i definitely do not look like that on my couch! am loving these posts btw!

Dallas Shaw said...

this last photo is great

Modelmental said...

Ha ha, thanks chicks. Yeah it's funny how we see ourselves and how we'd like to see ourselves and how these professionals can then make us look... I think every woman should be treated to a pro make-over and photo session at least once in her life? You'd all be amazed at how much they can do!

Anonymous said...

very seventies! Love the couch. i think the wilting was done expertly!